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Steven Johnson syndrome

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    My son was hospitalized this evening and they suspect it may be this syndrome that's the culprit, I'd like some information on this subject, beyond what's plubished on the web.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    What have the doctors given you so far for information resources? Have they been able to figure out what triggered the syndrome in your son?


    I hope his recovery goes well, and they can figure out what set it off for him.
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    Nothing really, but they referred to that diagnosis until more test are done. He has a history of sever atopic dermatitis. His last flare up they gave him an antibiotic and steroids. 2 weeks later he had finished the meds he had this reaction. He's red from head to toe, his skin is sluffing off, his joints are swollen. They are giving him fluids and treating it like a sever burn.
    Now they are reluctant to labble it Steven Johnson syndrome, I think because of the legal implications.
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    Thanks for the info, but I wanna know what's NOT published. Especially since they are treating him for Steven Johnson but looking for a differential diagnosis.
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    Addendum information.... He was given a course of a sulfer drug, (septra bactrim type) and prednisone (steroid) for minor skin infection a little over 2 weeks ago. He has had MRSA in the past. First diagnosis was " staph scald" after first blood test "Steven Johnson" now it's "uhh we aren't sure may be the most sever atopic flare up in history" he's had bad flare ups before and he looks like he's got a really bad sun burn from head to toe, but his eyes are scabing over. Atopic has never involved his eyes.
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    I'm not sure how we can help with this type of request. That's all we have access to. We can't have members speculating about what is going on, even if they have seen similar situations.
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    True and I don't either,...I'm hoping there is an expert that reads this forum that could possibly PM me give advice, and or information on this.
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