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Sticky Problem in Physics Lab

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    This is my first post, if you need any more information I'll try to put it up as quickly as possible.

    I have a tricky problem in my lab that may lend itself to computer programming, but I have little training in that area.

    OBJECTIVE: How many peaks are there in my data?
    I have a large set of data points (70 000+).
    There are skips in the data where the lost points are not recorded and the points on either side of these gaps are just spliced together.
    The graph of the data points oscillates in a generally sinusoidal fashion.
    The envelope made by tracing the peaks has its own distinct shape and period (which changes).

    We're trying a couple add-hoc methods, but we don't really have a good handle on this yet.
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    Have you tried evaluating the data using any analysis software: Minitab, Mathematica, etc...
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    Dr Transport

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    Try fityk to look at the data, it has been written to fit peaks in data.....

    http://www.unipress.waw.pl/fityk/ [Broken]
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