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Stiff- One-Dimensional Poisson Equation in Plasma

  1. Apr 21, 2010 #1
    Hey Guys,

    So I am trying to model the development of a collisional plasma in time. Now the problem I face is at the sheath boundary the changes in the charge densities is very large.

    I use the charge densities to evaluate the electric potential at different points in the plasma. I have the charge densities as a number available at all points.

    Now comes the problem. When I use a regular solver like Gauss Siedel or Successive Over relaxation, the changes in charge density in space is still too rapid for these methods to give me a solution within respectable error tolerances. (at least 1e-2).

    The in built poisson solver in matlab requires a two dimensional case. I was curious if anyone know of a robust poisson solver for a one-d case which can handle stiff cases.

    Its is a dirichlet problem. I know the potential at both boundaries (one is the electrode and the other is the wall).

    Would be great if I can get some insight.


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