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Aerospace Stiffened shear panels.

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    Hey guys.

    The question states:for the following beam, find the axial loads in the stiffening rods and the shear loads acting on each of the following edges.

    I basically worked out the shear for the panels by making an imaginary cut and letting internal momment equal to zero. Giving 70.7KN on the two most horizontal and 30KN on the vertical . The part that I am stuck is is how do I calculate the the axial loads in the stiffening rods?

    Cheers for the help.

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    quyn123: I would say the axial force (in kN) in the vertical stiffening rod is 30 - 0.5*y, where y is in units of mm. The axial force (in kN) in the upper, almost horizontal stiffening rod is 0.505 076*x. The axial force in the lower, almost horizontal stiffening rod is -0.505 076*x. I would say the shear flow on all four edges of the panel web is q = 0.50 kN/mm.
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