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Stigmatas ects

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    this is what i really wanted to ask anyone,

    Has anyone read sylvia brown's book, Secrets and Mysteries of the World?

    Had a flat tire to night when i was ....

    a really nice Englishman, Michael changed my flat. He was dressed nice, had flowers for his wife of 16 years (my kinda god) and he crawled outa his Mercedes to help me. Thanks again Michael. !Wow, only in america can a gal get her tire changed by an angle Englishman. .

    Anway while i go into this store they had books 25% off, and some older wowman tells me to keep doing the ..... work and that i'm not crazy and basically phuck 'em, remember he pays my rent not them, she gives me a ten spot cuz i have 6 bucks i don't know about.

    Anywho, Sylvia Brown's book seems an interesting book. One line in her stigmata chapter I REALLY disagree with. The ill repute don't suffer stigamata ...OH YEAH SYL? then explain the saints that have suffered the "...blessing" cuz they had to be rightous sinners first right? ok. maybe not, and maybe another lie.

    Must one be a Mother Teresa (altho she never stigmata'd) to expereince that? Must one be a righteous "sinner" to be a "saint" ?

    I don't know anything about Padre Pio (?) who had stigmata - documented. Was he pure from birth? Last I heard anyone in the physical is doomed to human behavior - imperfect.

    Anyway, I used to catch Sylvia Brown on Montel, and there was something about her that i always rejected, don't know what it is, and i don't...I DO CARE and what it is doesn't matter, it always made me curious as to what inside me said, this gal is so so legit and something is off with her, don't know what.

    Anyway any of yous read that book? i'm gonna read it tonight cuz there ain't no one i gotta take to school in the morning :surprised
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    It is quite possible that Sylvia Brown is bipolar like Mother Teresa >wink<
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    Ivan Seeking

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    That would be your cow pie alarm going off. Sylvia Browne is just another TV psychic/medium/charlatan who makes a living fleecing the gullible. Writings about her are at least as entertaining as her books:
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    Sylvia Browne is a complete charlatan! She's one of those who usually just tells people what they want to hear. I actually wrote into the show once though when she started spouting medical advice, which was outright wrong! I don't care if people want to listen to a psychic tell them some loved one "has crossed over" if it gets them to move on with their life, but when I heard her giving complete medical misinformation, which only makes it harder for physicians to treat patients if they walk in believing the psychic instead of the MD, I couldn't sit quietly and do nothing. I haven't heard her do that since (not that I watch regularly, but there are days I'm home when Montel is on).

    Some other uses for her books though:
    1) bird cage lining
    2) help start a fire
    3) spare toilet paper
    4) balance a table with uneven legs
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