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Homework Help: Still not getting getting correct solution

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    Two protons are aimed directly toward each other by a cyclotron accelerator with speeds of 1650 km/s,measured relative to the earth. find the maximum force that these protons will exert on each other.
    KE_i + U_i = KE_f + U_f ;where U_i=0 and KE_f=0,so KE_i=U_f
    if r= (q^2/(4*pi*epsilon_0))(1/KE_i) then F=(1/(4*pi*epsilon_0))(q^2/r^2) but the solution comes out as incorrect.
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    Can you explain what this eqn is about - where does it come from?
    What is the question ?
    What is KE_i ?
    What is F ?
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