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Homework Help: Still Puzzling

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    I started a thread called simple questions part 2 (https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10036), and there is a section of questions that i still having trouble executing. First off with questions 32 and 33 I know which formula to use but i dont know how to calculate it on paper. For Question 33 The formula is d=1/2at^2 but 9000meters is the only figure given. and with question 32 and the formula being v=at, do I use the whole 14,000 secs or condense it to size for the calculating.

    with questions 31 Im not sure at all which formula to use. I am very lost.
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    Hi there. I took a look at those problems and some of the help already given to you. I don't think I can clarify #31 any further. Nate seems to have offered up all the answers there are.

    For #33, remember acceleration due to gravity is a constant.

    For #32, why are you throwing acceleration into the equation? Does the problem say anything about the people accelerating? You're trying to over think that one. What do you mean condense the 14,000 s to size? I don't understand your question. The question refers to speed, not velocity, so you don't need to worry about vectors, so just think of it like a really basic word problem in math.

    It sounds like you're well past the level of work that your parents can help you with during homeschooling. You really should talk to them about going to a regular school where you will have access to multiple teachers who each have expertise in their own subjects (nobody can know every subject well enough to teach them all once you're out of elementary school, especially when it has probably been 20 or more years since they last learned some of that stuff).
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