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Stimulating Airbags

  1. Jan 1, 2014 #1
    Stimulating "Airbags"

    Recently I'm into it on Airbags and really want to know how it works
    I've seen some airbags stimulation on YouTube and I'm curious on how to do it?
    Anyone have experience doing it?
    Can Solidwork produce such stimulation?

    PS:Immma Poor English It's Simulation instead of Stimulation Duhhh
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    SolidWorks mostly likely cannot (depending on what you want to simulate). If you want to simulate an airbag deploying, then you'd need a code that can do highly non-linear dynamics, such as LS-DYNA (Abaqus and MSC can do it as well, but probably not as well as LS-DYNA).
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    IIRC, LS-Dyna has some algorithms specifically for simulating airbags, in particular the initial "unfolding" of the bag from "empty".

    Making a nice-looking video isn't too hard, with any reasonable non-linear dynamics code. The hard part is making a video that looks the same as a high speed movie of deploying a real airbag!
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