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Medical Stimulating neurons via magnetic fields

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    I ran across this article in "Newsweek-Next Frontiers" about stimulating neurons directly by firing large magnetic pulses to specific locations in the brain:
    Address: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9557716/site/newsweek/

    Well, I can imagine a much more "accurate" device which can affect individual neurons or "local" populations of neurons. Surely if one could "modulate" the pulses in such a way to simulate the physiological process involved with real neural growth, then indeed I think we would be achieving what the article declared "Re-wiring the brain". Big 'if' though. We really don't even know how physiological processes give rise to mental ones, not exactly anyway. But still, I somewhat suspect this is the beginnings of something . . . wonderful. :smile:
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    Sounds dangerous.
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    It could well be. At high frequencies it causes seizures, which means at lower frequencies it probably works by disorganizing neuronal firing as well.

    HMI World | Around Harvard

    It seems in all cases to be temporary if it works at all.
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    Thanks for the ref Zoobyshoe. This is a quote:

    Yea, I know we're still in the middle-ages with this. You know what the first transistor looked like? We made improvements didnt' we. :smile:
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