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Stipends & Taxes

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    I'm having a surprisingly hard time discovering this information, perhaps a current grad student can help.

    I know that income from a stipend is considered taxable income, so I must pay federal income taxes on it. But what about payroll taxes? Will the school withhold the usual amounts for these?

    My other tax question is on tuition & tuition reimbursement. I have seen some information stating that tuition reimbursement is taxable, other information stating that is not taxable. Does anyone know the right answer?
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    Depends on the school. It might depend what the stipend is from... are you and RA or a TA? Are you on scholarship or fellowship? My fellowship does not have taxes taken out of it by payroll at my institution- but the TAs do and some RAs depending on what fund the are getting paid out of. This should all be covered in the payroll portion of your graduate program orientation. You really should talk to the payroll dept of the institution you are at.
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