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STLC-1 not a cosmic string

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    Hi Dimitri,
    if you mean has CSL-1 been discussed here at PF before, the answer is yes.

    We had a thread about it around February 2005---about a year ago---IIRC.

    But the confirmation that the seeming double image is NOT evidence of a cosmic string is a NEW RESULT. This has not been mentioned on PF as far as I know.

    In case of interest, here are some links to last year's and also the recent discussion of CSL-1.



    BTW it does seem to be called CSL, not some other permutation of the letters, although I don't think that matters very much at this point in the story :smile:
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    I was indeed referring to the new result.
    Never mind the idiocy, it's exam time and I need to sleep more.
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