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STM image quality

  1. Feb 27, 2009 #1
    Any suggestions how I can improve the quality of STM (scanning tunneling microscopy) images? And how can I trace artifacts?
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    This isn't a field that I'm familiar with, but my first and only thought on the subject would be some sort of computer enhancement.
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    This question is extremely vague because you did not describe what you have, and what kind of "improvement" we are talking about.

    STM is a very complicated instrument. I can rattle off a bunch of issues that can easily affect the quality of your image: EM isolation, vibration isolation, the size of the tip, how good is your feedback circuitry, what is your best current/voltage/spatial resolution, etc... etc. Even the type of material can affect how well you can image something, i.e. can it be cleaved in vacuum to reveal a pristine surface?

    There are a million things there to deal with, and not enough information to deduce anything.

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    And post-processing is also important, programs like SPIP can make a huge difference to the "image quality" of an STM image, although they can also introduce artifacts if you are not careful.
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