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Stochastic Interpretation

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    Would anyone have any resources on the stochastic interpretation of quantum mechanics? It appears to be a relatively new interpretation, proposed this year by Roumen Teskov, based on John Wheeler's "quantum foam."

    That's really the extent of the information I have, and I'm curious to find out more, or if this new idea is even worth looking into.
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    There is not necessarily just one Stochastic interpretation. I am not familiar with the name Teskov nor did I find anything on it.

    Most familiar to me is Stochastic Electrodynamics (SED) by E. Santos and T. Marshall. This interpretation is intended to restore locality and realism to quantum theory. That would be in contradiction to Bell's Theorem and related experimental results. As such, SED has been unsuccessful in fending off critical challenges and is mostly relegated to the dust bin at this point.

    There is also current work being done by Peter Morgan, which is up a somewhat similar alley (but without trying to take on Bell directly):

    An empirically equivalent random field for the quantized electromagnetic field
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