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Stochastic Processes

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    Hi all,

    Im going to be researching into Stochastic processes dont know anything about it except the title, Thought I might get on here to get an introduction, see what other people know about it and tips that would be helpful in understanding the concepts? so if anybody knows anything about stochastic Proccess please feel free to share, I will be very interested to hear it.

    Thank you


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    Hi Steven187,

    are you thinking about some field of application or "just" the math of it all? Just thinking for starters since the number of "things" under stochastic processes is pretty huge.
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    Hi there,

    Yeah Im pretty much focused on the maths part of it, Im going to start researching it once I get some info about it from here, let me know what you know about the topic even a global perspective or the core concepts about it would be of help.


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