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Homework Help: Stochiometry Question

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    A 15-g sample of lithium is reacted with 15 g of fluorine to form lithium fluoride: 2Li + F2 --> 2LiF. After the reaction is complete, what will be present?
    I think I start by dividing 15 g by the molar masses, but is the molar mass
    2 x amu of Li and 2 x amu of F?
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    help is hereeeee.....

    i think you have to first find out what the limiting reactant is. and then use that amount to see how much lithium fluoride forms.
    hope this helps :biggrin:
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    Correct for fluorine, because it is made up of diatomic molecules (hence, F2), but not lithium, which is monoatomic.

    PS: From the next time on, such questions should be posted under the Homework & Coursework forums found near the top of the main page.
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