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News Stock on Kerry in an IEM free fall

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    Stock on Kerry in an IEM "free fall"

    Market Quotes: Pres04_WTA.html
    Quotes current as of 12:31:43 CST, Monday, September 27, 2004.
    Symbol Bid Ask Last Low High Average
    DEM04_G52 0.061 0.069 0.067 0.067 0.077 0.072
    DEM04_L52 0.210 0.219 0.225 0.207 0.232 0.226
    REP04_L52 0.230 0.231 0.230 0.217 0.231 0.222
    REP04_G52 0.492 0.495 0.495 0.470 0.536 0.491

    Surprising with the "october surprises" yet to come. Why are the markets acting so decisive with over a month still to come...I'm betting on Bush mopping the floor with Kerry during the debates...seems I'm not alone.
    It will be interesting to see the rise and fall of the market during the debates, 15 minute refreshes Thursday evening will probably be more revealing then any "news" commentary...

    Stay tuned... :biggrin:
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    For those who aren't familiar with the Iowa Electronic Market, it has historically been more accurate than polls since it started in 1988. The IEM has forecasted election results with incredible accuracy, tracking the vote totals of winning candidates of the most recent presidential elections to within 2 tenths of a percentage point.
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    Neat! Neat! (had to say neat twice; forum rules of length)
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    Very interesting. I was completely unaware of this.

    Anyways, I'm keeping my eyes on that "floor".
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