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Homework Help: Stoichiometry-hellp please

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    stoichiometry--hellp please!!

    1. How much Iron should be combined with sulfur to produce 56.8 grams of iron (II) Sulfide


    3. ok.. so this is what i have ..
    Fe + S ----> FeS ----correct??

    Then. molar ratios are 1-1-1..
    The molar ration between Fe and FeS is 1:1
    = 87.9

    56.8 /87.9 *1*55.8 = 36.1 g FeS.. is this correct??? the wording in the equation is different then all of the other equations on my worksheet soo im not sure if this is right.
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    Re: stoichiometry--hellp please!!

    Your type-setting or your text formatting is not good. You want to show as:
    (56.8 /87.9) *1*55.8 = 36.1 g Fe
    That then would be good.

    NOTE: why the forum does not allow text strike-out? I meant to show previous post's answer for FeS which was wrong, and then make a 'scratch' mark through the S; because the 36.1 grams is for the IRON.
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    Re: stoichiometry--hellp please!!

    ohhh yeahh . I messed the label up.... oops.. thanks for catching that!!
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