Stoichiometry Problem

  1. Calculate the volume of 3.0 mol HCl required to react completely with 10.0g of Na2CO3.

    Im confused about the "volume". What do they mean ?
    Do I have to find the mass of HCl then convert it into a volume?
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  3. Are you sure it is not 3.0 M of HCl?

    If it's volume, check out density after finding the stoichiometric constant for the balance equation and finding the mol of sodium bicarbonate.
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    If it is M (mol/L) you don't need density.
  5. unless you are forgetting that HCl is a gas unless specified otherwise (aqueous solution or sth); so by volume they mean the volume of the required gas under normal/standard conditions
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    But we're pretty sure the OP meant 3.0 M HCl, which does imply a solution, not a gas.

    If it were really 3.0 moles as stated, it would be pointless to talk about the amount "required to react completely with 10.0g of Na2CO3".
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