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Homework Help: Stoichiometry Solving for unknow

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    [SOLVED] Stoichiometry Solving for unknow

    Ok so this should be a simple, I know the answer from the key but need to know how to get to that answer.

    Q: When 1.187g of a metallic oxide is reduced with excess hydrogen, 1.054 grams of the metal is produced. What is the metallic oxide?

    A) Ag_2_O B)Cu_2_O C) K_2_O D) Tl_2_O

    _x_ meaning subscript

    I know the answer is B, but I cannont figure out where to start the problem.:mad:
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    Ok, since the metal oxide is the limiting reagent, you can totally ignore the hydrogen.

    You can go for trial and error, work out each of the moles through mass and Molar Mass by subbing Ag, Cu K and Tl.

    Should be enough help for now, I hope.
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    THank you Invictious, but I'm still confused on the setup. Should it look something like:

    Cu: 1.054g x 1/63.55 x this is where I get lost.
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    Ok I think I get it now:

    setup for Cu would look like:
    1.187 x 1/143.1 x 127.1/1
    or would it be
    1.187 x 1/143.1 x 2/1 x 63.55/1
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