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Stop emailing me

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    Stop emailing me!!!

    InBox: 67
    Junk Mail: 175

    I cleared my email yesterday! :surprised

    just Some of these annoyances

    <email addresses deleted>

    More to come. (they're all part of some group, and they keep emailing me (and there's alot more of them) :wink: )
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    Where are they getting your e-mail address?
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    I joined their group. I think it was some intelligence thing. (I thought they were a big, international group. turns out they have like 50 members)
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    Do you have a junk mail filter? Just block their addresses. Or unjoin their group?
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    Jjjuunkmail? Never heard of it, sorry.
  7. Sep 15, 2005 #6
    The brotherhood will e-bomb their accounts for a modest fee. :devil:
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