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Homework Help: Stopping an egg from smashing

  1. Mar 21, 2017 #1
    Hello, I'm in 8th grade (In sweden, I think its 7th grade in US)
    And I'm supposed to stop an Egg from smashing the ground, and we are dropping it about 4 meters above the ground.

    Do I need to calculate anything in order to figure out how to stop it from breaking/smashing.
    And If I do how do I calculate it?

    I'm not very good at Physics so I'm having a little hard time explaining.
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    Hej zone32,

    You don't need to calculate anything, especially if you have access to a large supply of eggs: nothing beats trial and error :wink:

    What you should think about is what is causing the egg to break (it is certainly not the fall itself, is it?). Think also about all the ways you know that someone falling has of not getting hurt.
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    Alright thanks!
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