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Stopping the silly errors

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    Just wondering what anyone thinks is a good way to try and stop the silly mistakes I keep making that could become a major hinderance next year for my a levels. (Some A Levels have silly grade boundaries and the top boundary can be ~95%, which for a paper out of a total of 75 marks isn't a lot.)

    Its not that I don't understand the material, I normally can do the hardest exercises without a problem, its just stupid errors that usually pull me down.

    Just a case of doing more practice with some of the easier questions to get my technique down for the different types of questions?

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    Yep, I have the same problem, especially when it comes to combinatorics.

    What I tend to do (though this comes naturally to me for some reason) is to effectively double-check each step that I have the slightest lack of confidence about right after I do it, basically redoing it.
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    I just scan over the problems after I answer them all, to make sure there are no obvious errors.
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    Yes, check the entire answer until you're sure that it makes sense and you haven't made any obvious errors. Then it should be correct.
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    I have the same problem. I find if I just double-check it I tend to miss the error unless it is an obvious one. However if I have time (for example in coursework not exams) I repeat the problem a couple of times, an hour or so apart. The 3rd one is usually trustworthy.
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