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Storage time of a transistor

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    could anyone pls tell me why the storage time of a transistor changes as u change the position of one resistor?
    During an experiment, when the resistor connected to the base voltage was reconnected to the ground i noticed that the storage time increased. pls someone explain to me why.

    (i'd appreciate multiple answers, so pls if smne has answered, pls feel free to drop your own answers too.)


    I'm not sure what you mean by "storage time," as this is not a parameter I've ever heard of. Can you please try describing your question in more standard terminology?

    - Warren

    the storage time is the time needed for minority carrier concentration in the vincinity of pn junction to be reduced to zero
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    Transistors are current controlled devices. By placing a resistor to ground you may have reduced the current at the transistor base. I can't say this for sure because I don't know your original configuration. Did you monitor or calculate the base current during your experiment?
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    all I did was measure the storage time, delay time, rise time and fall time. I didn't do anything with the current.
    pls help!!!
    totally confused!!
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    You said you moved a resistor. By moving a resistor you most likely altered the current to the transistor base. How was your transistor circuit originally configured-- common base, commone emitter or common collector? Do you have a drawing of the original circuit and the altered circuit?
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    it was a common emitter configuration.
    here 's a diagram.

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