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Store equilibrium points of a 3D system in a (x,y,z) array

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    I have a complicated 3d nonlinear differential system which I solve algebraically using maple's solve command. I aim to find the equilibrium points of the system using MAPLE and then plot these equilibrium points as a function of the 3 parameters alpha,beta,gamma(a.k.a.bifurcation diagram). The problem is that I have many equilibrium points as the solution and they are very lengthy in nature. In MATLAB,I would have accessed these solutions using STRUCTURES. How do I do so in MAPLE? Below,you will find part of the code with an form of the equilibrium points.


    sys := {L1, L2, L3}; var := {x, y, z};
    f3 := solve([L1, L2, L3], {x, y, z});
    The output looks like this:


    Thats a lot of solutions and I would like to access them in (x,y,z) terms.How do I do that in MAPLE?

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