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Story about surprised bob

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    hank's mom>>:surprised
    bob&his mom>:rofl: :rofl:

    hank's mom>:mad:
    bob's mom>>:uhh:

    hank's mom>:biggrin:
    bob's mom>>:yuck:

    hank's mom>:!!)

    bob&hank's mom>:!!) :tongue2:

    hank and bob's mom>o:) o:)

    hank and bob's mom> o:)(:devil: ) o:)(:devil: )

    bob&hank's mom>>:yuck: :yuck:
    hank&bob's mom>>o:) o:)
    bob&hank's mom>>o:) o:)
    hank&bob's mom>>:!!) :tongue2:
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    Don't worry yomamma... I'm sure your mom thinks your cool.
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    BTW, this is the basic beginning chapter of: how the PF sisterhood came to be.
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    You know, you would think so, but I am not so sure :tongue2: :rofl:
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    I give up...
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    let me clarify a little on the story of the PF sisterhood:

    bob's mom: Evo's grandma/sister
    hank'smom Also evo's sister and HRW's grandma
    hank: Evo's brother/mother
    bob: hypatia's sister/father

    it gets pretty complicated
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    Oh no! It makes perfect sense!
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    It could be worse:

    The Farkels
    Mr. Farkel > :grumpy:
    Mrs.Farkel > :rolleyes:

    Their children:
    Mark Farkel > :cool:
    Sparkel Farkel >:cool:

    Their neighbor,
    Ferd Burple > :cool:
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    well it would for a smurf
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