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News Story from the life: Palestinian ambulance and the injured Israeli

  1. Mar 12, 2005 #1
    Translation from Israeli newspaper (Yedout Ahrounout): 11/03/2005

    A Palestinian driver of Ambulance found Israeli women (militant settler) who injured seriously by car accident near the settlement of Malaih Makhmash (near Ramallah).

    The Ambulance took her immediately to one of the best Israeli hospitals in Jerusalem because they need advance equipment to save her life. The guards of the hospital (Hadasa har tsofim) rejected to accept the injured women because the Ambulance is Palestinian!!

    The driver tried to convince them that his Ambulance is Palestinian but the injured woman is Israeli, but they rejected again.

    The driver started to look for another hospital in Jerusalem for one and half hour before the Israeli police stopped him. After they knew the story and they saw the injured Israeli women they asked him to follow to the hospital again..

    After aggressive discussion with the guards of the hospital, they accepted to receive the injured women!!


    Picture of the Palestinian driver (Abed ABdulhaleem) and his Ambulance
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    bilal, don't expect this to come on the American news, I mean the Palestinians are supposed to be the bad guys right, their zionist-supporting propaganda machine won't be looking at this..
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    Israeli media insult their government and the fascism of Israeli society more American do , because nobody can call an Israeli newspaper as anti-Semite ...

    The propaganda in USA is used just to create public opinion fit with American politician strategy...

    Simply, few rich people in USA can buy the election and the minds of people by their money.

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    The only good guys in conflicts are the "little" individuals such as in this case. Talk about bias ...
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    There's something wrong with either the translation or the story.... It appears that your translation or the article is saying that a palestinian ambulance was freely riding around Israeli controlled areas? after all of the issues with palestinian gunman using palestinian ambulances? somehow I don't think so. Somethings missing in the translation or something.
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    There is nothing missing ... but it is necessary to do some explanations..

    Any Palestinian want to go to Jerusalem should get ‘’especial Visa’’ which need to wait at least one week … but Palestinian of Jersualem have ''Israeli'' nationality and can travell through checkpoints without troubles ...

    It is responsibility of the Israeli checkpoint to allow the Ambulance to pass, of course the car accident location near this checkpoint and the driver seems to be from Jerusalem, so they let him to pass quickly..

    For example, wife of my brother died inside the Ambulance before 3 years on the check point on the entrance of the town after the soldiers rejected to let the Ambulance to take her to the Israeli hospital …. It is impossible for any car to enter Israel without getting acceptance from the checkpoint.

    The guards of the hospital can take the victim without letting the Ambulance to inter as the driver suggested , but they kicked him out thinking that the injured women is Palestinian, because it is rarely for Palestinian Ambulances to take Israeli injured people due to high quality and quantity Israeli medial services in the settlements. As you know these settlements are under attack always, so they government spent a lot of money on medical services in these settlements.

    If you do not trust my translation, you can ask your husband to translate the story from the link of the Israeli newspaper..

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    Yeah right ! like the story few weeks ago how two palestinian terrorists (ambulance personnel) were putting katyusha rockets (stretchers) inside the ambulance.

    Jews are really,really dumbing Americans HARD !!! There is no hope for Americans,thank god Europeans are not as stupid as Americans are.
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    The Israeli army admitted about their lies and apologized to the UN-RWA (who own the Ambulances), but their propaganda continues...!!

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    Somebody ban this idiot. Has he ever contributed one single intelligent post to this forum? He sounds like a 9 year-old talking trash to the other team after winning a kickball game.
  11. Mar 12, 2005 #10

    Cool down Mr. Intellectual Person !
    What have I done now ? I thought little bit of unPC views won't be that bad for our understanding of jewish/Palestinian conflict.
    Just cool down Loseyourname .
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    I don't mind your viewpoints, spender. They are welcome here, as are any others. In fact, there are plenty of posters that share your opinions and present them in an intelligent, thoughtful manner. You, on the other, simply post empty rhetoric, making fun of anyone that doesn't agree with you and continually referring to the stupidity of everything American. I don't know how old you are, but you honestly come across as a preteen troll that is simply here to stir up controversy, not to provoke any meaningful discussion. You could take a hint from Bilal here, who posts many viewpoints that are not in agreement with the American mainstream, but who makes every attempt to back them up with evidence and thoughtful analysis. Even though he gets emotional at times, he has much more to offer than pure vitriol. Thus far, you have not.
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    What have got into you that made you so angry at me ? Calling me idiot does not say a lot about your intelligence either.
    As to my posts some of them were fairly decent.

    PS.Hey ! lets forget about all of that,water under the bridge okay ? :smile:
  14. Mar 13, 2005 #13

    For example, wife of my brother died inside the Ambulance before 3 years on the check point on the entrance of the town after the soldiers rejected to let the Ambulance to take her to the Israeli hospital …. It is impossible for any car to enter Israel without getting acceptance from the checkpoint.

    Sad to hear that
  15. Mar 13, 2005 #14


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    There have been other incidences besides that one, and I don't think that Katyusha rockets incident was a few weeks ago. Then again, I've been to busy to busy to follow much news lately.
    Nobody is "Dumbing" me down. I'm very familiar with the region through Arab sources as well as Israeli sources. Personal sources as well as media etc. But, I really wish you would stop "Dumbing" this forum down with your ignorant comments.
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    I've found out a little bit more about the circumstances surrounding this incident. It would seem that the hospitals are not allowed to let anyone in, including ambulances without a search. Those are the rules the police/security agencies have established. It also seems that a few weeks ago there was a checked performed by the police on the hospitals to see if they were going by the procedures. In Jerusalem only one hospital actually performed the search. I'm not sure what the consequences of their failure to follow proper procedures were but I am sure as in any situation like that, for awhile everyone follows the rules again.
    It also seems that the Palestinian ambulance driver refused to allow a security search, this is being investigated. If it's found that is the case then the ambulance driver would be at fault, if it is not the case then the workers should be disciplined and of course, we should all be thankful her injuries were not serious as she is now apparently okay. At any rate, I don't think anyone should be jumping to conclusions when we've all seen mistruths spread around on similar situations numerous times (from both sides).
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    Please ask your translator to translate again this paragraph from the Israeli source , it seems you miss something:

    ((... ورغم وصول سيارة الإسعاف، مجددًا، إلى مستشفى "هداسا" بمرافقة الشرطة الإسرائيلية، إلا أن حراس المستشفى تجادلوا مرة أخرى مع أفراد الشرطة....))

    the translation:
    ((.... In spite of the arrival, again, of the Ambulance to the hospital (Hadasa) with the car of the Israeli policemen , the guards of the hospital argue ''rejected'' with the policemen again ...))

    Suppose the Palestinian driver is liar!! so what about the Israeli police who have to argue violently with the guards to convince them accepting the injured women?

    Do you think the guards will say: we rejected to accept them because we think the woman is Palestinian?

    One of the Israeli police told the Arabic Israeli TV; I surprised because the guards rejected to take the injured women, after we (Police car) came with the Ambulance to the hospital!!! So we wasted some time to convince them!!

    I wrote this post in other site, and the Israeli members who read the news from different Hebrew sites agree that the guards should punished and sent their greeting to the drivers who did the best to save this women.

    We do not agree about the reason behind the rejection of the injured women; I belive thy rejected her because they think she is Palestinian, while the Israeli think that guards are ‘’just stupid’’??

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  18. Mar 13, 2005 #17
    I provided Israeli sources not Arab sources, because it is easy for you and others to reject the Arab sources.

  19. Mar 13, 2005 #18


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    You know, this is getting pretty ridiculous. It's well known and accepted among anyone that isn't hopelessly biased toward one side of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict that both sides have been guilty of atrocities and that both sides have been unreasonable in negotiations and that both sides have suffered at times from bad leadership. It seems that the US sides with Israel because it is an ally and anyone that sides with Palestine does so because they hate Israel or the US. There is no moral superiority on either side and, frankly, the world would be a better place if both nations disappeared from the face of the earth.
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