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Storytime (I start, you finish)

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    I'm feeling creative and I decided to start a story and then people can determine whatever way it goes in future posts. Kind of like the game where one person starts a story and you continue for awhile, then someone else continues it etc. You can make it stupid, scary, thoughtful, or whatever you want. Well here goes.....

    I was walking across campus late one winter evening and the air was crisp as ever. I looked up at the full moon as it rose into the sky above the 6 story library. As I stood in the campus courtyard, I looked up at all the stars in the sky and wondered...if there is intelligent life out there...will their minds work like ours??? Will Paris Hilton irritate them as much as she does Earthlings??? I continued on with my musings, walking and contemplating....wandering......
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    Then I had a heartattack. It was not very pleasant. I continued on my way.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Paris Hilton walked by and noticed that MK was not quite dead, though he should be. She gave him last rites and sprinkled him with a mist of her latest noxious perfume. He fell to the earth, fell underneath the tires of her limo, and in an apathetic crush of bone and flesh, she (and he) was gone.

    But suddenly, Pope Benedict appeared, resplendent in his robe of over easy eggs and cheese, and he...
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    longed for hollandaise sauce to complete the platter, but there was none to be found here on this starlit campus. Looking left, and looking right, some faint phantom of a monolog about the heartache of recalling lost loves swam before his eyes, but suddenly vanished. Shaking his head to clear the papal brain, he strode forward, seeking something to bless.
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    Math Is Hard

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    "hmmmm...Galaxy 33...", he thought. Then, flailing off his robes, he shouted, "That's where I'll find my hollandaise sauce! Pope-Mobile shields up! Warp factor 2. Cardinal Bacon! Set course for Saucion 5!"
    "But, Captain, we are forbidden to go to Saucion 5."
    "Why not?" he asked innocently.
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    "Because, Holy Father," said the porcine priest, "YOU forbade it! Saucion 5 is not mentioned in scripture, and therefore does not exist. To acknowledge it exists is heretical. You said so."
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    Pope Benedict, disappointed but not entirely deterred from his quest for a breakfast companion, muttered, "Fine then, what about a nice English muffin?"
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    Math Is Hard

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    Cardinal Bacon brought the Pope a yummy toasted English muffin, but he pressed on with the review of the doctrines.

    "Oh, you're sure I said that?" the Pope muttered shyly, pouring over his journal ,"ok, yeah, you're right. I did say that. Shoot! Scratch Saucion 5."

    Cardinal Bacon was embarrassed, having called the Pope on such a critical issue, and he fought back the tears. He bit his lip hard. It broke off. It rolled over in his meaty mouth, and tasted like a lil' smokey cocktail link.

    "To Saucion 4!" cried the Pope, "Prepare my waterproof papal gown, for the inhabitants are..."
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    obsessive-compulsive, and spend 80% of their waking hours in the shower trying to wash off that last, last, last germ."

    "Eywou neen we'll see them naked" asked the lipless cardinal, raising a puritanical eyebrow.

    "What?" querried the confused pontiff.

    "I said eywou neen we'll see them naked?" repeated the cardinal.

    "What does 'neen' mean?

    "'Neen' neens 'neen'".

    "'Neen neens neen'?"


    "Oh," replied his holiness, and tried to look thoughtful, as if he'd just fathomed a deep point of etymology, but deep in his heart, he hadn't a clue.
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    "Senze wewoll zee dee inhabitants naked, we could go to Newark, New Jersey instead...." the lipless cardinal said, "At leest dey wear clothes."
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    "New Jersey, Dear God." The Pope bowed his head in prayer, then looked up suddenly. "We Could just take clothes with us and hand them out to the inhabitants of Saucion 4! It's only a few billion light years away, and it has to be better than going to Newark, right?"

    "As hu mish, Holy faver. I npos nif we dimert our eyes untul dey mut on da cluhthes."

    "Then Onward, to Saucion 4!"
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    The Pope-O-Rocket shifted from impulse to warp as smoothly as an iguana sliding backwards down a palm tree. Soon the man with the tall hat and his amenuesis were shooting toward a distant star so fast that all it took was one commercial break and they were in orbit around Saucion 4.

    Looking at the viewscreen, the Pope declared...
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    Math Is Hard

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    "Those look like Heretic warships! Computer! Analyze!"

    PIUS, the onboard computer, blinked a silent message: PLEASE WAIT. RECEIVING FAX.

    On the view screen, the distant red objects were growing larger and more numerous. Benedict began to sweat.
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    "Oh crap, we forgot the clothes!"
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    And then he said, "Those red thingys are coming right at the green thingy, and I think we're the green thingy."
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    Flying Red Saucers From Saucion 4, Red Alert, Red Alert!!!!!
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    Nooooo! I don't want to die, dang it! Somebody do something fast! Why don't you try to.....
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    Oh fiddlestix! We can't go to red alert, we don't have time to change the bulb!

    For those of you in the know, yes I stole that!
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    "Papal Information Uniting System, cancel fax! Canel, that's an order!" demanded the pope, as the ominous red splotches grew ever closer to the green thingy on the view screen.

    After a click and a whir, PIUS responded insistently: PLEASE WAIT. BAPTIZING FAX.

    "We-oh dooned, dooned!" lamented Kevin Bacon, er, Cardinal Bacon.

    Finally, PIUS ejected the fax letter from its confession slit. The paper slid into the pope's sweaty hands, completely devoid of print and blank, except for...

    "A tonato stain?"

    "No you idiot, it's a tomato staim!" corrected the Pope.

    Meanwhile, the red splotches were converging on the green thingy, getting closer and closer, meatier and saucier. Tomato sauce began to ooze deliciously from the screen, obscuring all else. An ominous voice came booming from all around and nowhere at once:

    "Il papa, you fool. I have told you never to return to Saucion 5. You have breached our holy contract!"

    The papal pupils dilated, sweat constellating upon his trembling skin. "Saucion 5... PIUS you fool! You've brought us straight into the clutches of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!"
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