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STO's, Scalars, and the GUT of Anti-Gravity

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    The STO (Stellated Truncated Octahedron)

    Peep this---->

    http://groups.msn.com/shamanism/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=7 [Broken]

    I first came accross this polyhedron geometric shape reading Allan Holden's Space, Shapes, and Symmetry. No refference or information is alluded to in the book. And trying to locate this regular polygon on polytope databases as a shape of any algorithms is not available. The stellated truncated octahedron or STO is not refferenced anywhere but it can be made out of oragami paper by truncating an octahedron and then stellating it. All the other Platonic solids are refferenced as both truncated and stellated or one or the other, particularly the stellated octahedron (star tetrahedron or Merkabah). But this one appears to be somewhat of a secret. Jewlers can produce it but even they give the false number of plane equilateral triangles to be 88 when theres really 72. So not even the jewlers know how to make the STO. The Diagram above comprises my own calculations based on this ruff image Holden included in his last book published in 1971.

    A stellated octahedron (star tetrahedron) or "sacred Merkabah" is the common element of sacred geometry. Some say the human "lightbody" is made from the spins activated using this Merkabah, the 3-dimensional 6-pointed hexagon or star of David. Yet the 8-pointed STO is so hidden, never mentioned anywhere, and is inclusive of Archimidean truncation. The 2-dimensional 8-pointed polygon rendering of this polyhedron is the symbol used by the Annals of Mathematics on their website.


    "The Moving Wall" as they call it represents the catalog of classified mathematical journals written before 1994 which can only be accessed by mathematicians and scientists approved by specified institutions ie. the Rand Corporation. Much of the pre-1980's mathematics involves scalar field equations, scalar waves, abstract probability, measure theory, cell functions, and lot's of mathematics that uses languages that cannot be found anywhere else. I like to call this the occult mathematics and it makes one wonder what it's composed of and how to access it without accessing it. One book managed to fall into my hands, Derivation and Martingales, which uses these various concepts that undewrite the calculus, algebra, topology, and n-dimensional Euclidean geometry with a superprojective scalar setting and using terminologies, functions, and mathematicians whose names cannot be found anywhere on any database or unniversity histories. Some say the government is hiding this information from the above ground physics and math communities (using it for scalar weapons, anti-gravity, and the allready known TEO and GUT's) I don't believe in conspiracy theory per se as a deliberation of any groups intentions upon reality, but rather the fact that part of the nature of reality is that reality is conspirational. (a krypto-process of informational concealment). The universe inspires, it conspires, and then it expires.

    These cell functions are part of something which may unleash scalar technology off-the-charts as well as the alteration of ordinary differential equations and algebraic topology, and the Euclidean n-space when ellaborated on in a synthetic topological schema. Cell fuctions may also provide a way of deriving a cellular membrane structure for extremely fine strings as a stochastic scalar interval system. I am using them for the derivation of non p-adic branes as cell membranes, c-branes, which are scalar-set intervals of D-branes and all p-branes. On this note of cells and secret books I am reminded of a serendipitous quote from a rather obnoxious (or radically swicked) rock band

    "I walk tha corner to tha rubble that used to be a
    Line up to tha mind cemetary now
    What we don't know......keeps tha contracts alive an
    They don't gotta burn tha books......they just remove
    While arms warehouses fill as quick as tha cells
    Rally round tha family, pockets full of shells"

    - Rage Against the Machine

    and "tha cells" are "the cells".
    Peep them--->

    http://groups.msn.com/shamanism/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=10 [Broken]
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    *sniff, sniff*

    Smells like bull**** in here.

    First, this sure doesn't look like quantum physics to me.

    Second, there are precisely five platonic solids: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

    Third, you used the term "human lightbody." If you'd like to be more obvious, consider slapping a large "CRACKPOT" sign on your forehead.

    Fourth, scalars are NUMBERS. The idea that the government is hiding NUMBER CALCULUS and NUMBER ALGEBRA from you so they can make NUMBER WEAPONS from their top-secret NUMBER TECHNOLOGY is the dumbest ****ing thing I have ever heard in my life.

    Fifth, your last paragraph makes absolutely, positively zero sense, and you know it.

    - Warren
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    first I must say LOL!!, when you put it that way that is pretty funny

    but you obviously haven't "heard" enough, keep your ears open and keep the humour too.
  5. Oct 3, 2003 #4
    I have heard a lot and I do have the vaguest idea of what you're talking about (didn't go to the site though, don't have time). Does this have something to do with 'shape power'? I have to say that the only thing I think I understood is that the 'scalars' you mention are refering to 'scalar electromagnetics', something that does exist, though you shouldn't mention it any more, you'll get burned (I know I did!). I have done a little (and plan on more) research into that area, but lack of patience, time, money, and sometimes ability have slowed me.
    Chroot: that was a little mean...:frown:
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