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Strain Components

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    I am trying to plot the components of the strain EXX,EYY and EXY in a 2D framework in MATLAB.
    The tensor matrix i have is B[exx,exy;exy,eyy]with each component 32x32 array.
    The values of Eyy is zero does that mean that there is no strain in the y direction between the two entitie sthat I am comparing and also what is the best way to plot that .
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    Each component is a scalar, so what are you doing?
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    Exactly, strain is a pointwise scalar, the best way to plot them along a particular direction and then plot them one by one, separately, as follows:

    hold on
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    Thankx for the reply,
    I am new to strain components. just a few fundamental question what are the possibilities that the shear starin exy should be zero even when exx and eyy should have some values.logiccaly applying the strain in a continumm where will a deformation lead to shear component being zero?
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    1stly, if your crystal is zinc-blende:
    the inversion symmetry will give rise to the zero shear strain while shear strain can never vanish when lack of inversion symmetry. In general, the shear strain in zinc-blende is small...

    2ndly, if your crystal is wurtzite:
    the shear strain can never be ignored which means they always exist...

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