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Strain Gage Adhesive

  1. Nov 4, 2009 #1

    Can anyone recommend a good adhesive to glue a strain gage to steel? Ideally it would be something readily available at a hardware store or something like that. The expected strain will be approx. 10%... hopefully less, but possibly slightly more.

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    The only thing that comes close is the very thin cyanocrylate. I would worry that using that would result in debonding at high strains. However, if it has to be something from a hardware store, that's probably your best bet. Your prep work prior to the bonding is also of the utmost importance.

    I would highly recommend looking here and purchasing from them:
    http://www.vishay.com/accessories/adhesives/ [Broken]

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    Super glue, a very very thin layer.

    That's what i've used in the past, although the strains I have been measuring were quite low.

    Obv, its only worth using super glue if you have cheap strain gauges. If you start getting expensive ones, see what the manufacturer reccomends you use.
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    10% strain in steel? How is that happening?
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