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Strain Gage

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    I'd like to ask you if you know any links to strain gage research sites. I'm going to design a full bridge gage but I'd like to read something first.
    I'm not talking about gage-maker sites, such as vishay,omega,hbm,etc.
    I already read them all.

    I'm interested in more physics-based sites. For example what influence on measurement has changing of pattern width or pitch, etching materials research, etc.
    I'm searching and still nothing.

    Can you help me at your nearest convenience?

    Best regards
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    Oh.... one month passed on waiting.
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    Strangely, the only such discussion I've read was on Omega's site.
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    Vishay and Omega are great resources. I think the information you are looking for is not going to be in the public domian. If you are a member, you may check with organisations like ISA for white papers.
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