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Strain Tensor Component

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    There's this equation e[tex]_{ij}[/tex] = [tex]\alpha[/tex][tex]_{ij}[/tex][tex]\Delta[/tex]T + d'[tex]_{ijk}[/tex]E[tex]_{k}[/tex] + Q'[tex]_{ijk}[/tex]H[tex]_{k}[/tex] + s[tex]_{ijkl}[/tex] Sigma[tex]_{kl}[/tex], which is the strain tensor I'm asking about. All I want to know is what the component d'[tex]_{ijk}[/tex]E[tex]_{k}[/tex] is called and what its physical meaning is. Thanks in advance
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    It would be nice if you could define your variable, if possible, but since [itex]\bold{E}[/itex] typically refers to an electric field, I'm guessing it's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrostriction" [Broken]).
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    Thanks, I'm sorry but I would define the variables if I could. The variables weren't defined for me either.
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