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Homework Help: Strain, thermal strain and agle of twist

  1. Jan 15, 2010 #1
    the cylindrical beam is attached to 2 walls and a torsion of Mo is applied 30cm from one end, the system is warmed ΔT, if point B is found at the coordinates (a,b) before deformation where will it be after the deformation? (a',b')


    i found the reactions using equilibruim and the fact that the total angle of twist along the beam is 0, then i found the angle of twist at point B, but my problem is finding the effect of the warming on the point,
    warming will cause a positive strain on the radial axis, giving me a larger radius, but will the point be stay in the same place and just grow?? is the torsion the only component i need to take into account, then using a triangle i can draw the new place of B

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