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Strange attractor

  1. Dec 14, 2003 #1
    can someone tell me what's the physical system of Henon and Ikeda attractor?? or tell me some web side about this, because i need to do an assignment:wink: thank you!!
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    What do you mean by "what's the physical system..."? Don't you mean whta's the mathematical system of the Henon and Ikeda attractors?

    'Cos if you if you do the answer is easy: chaos theory/non-linear dynamics

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    no no....
    just like Lorenz attractor, it's a model as atmospheric convection
    do you what i mean?
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    No, I still don't quite understand you, as strange attractors can be viewed abstarctly, but the Henon attractor came about from the study of peturbations in asteroid orbits and the Ikeda attractor came about from the study of non-linear optical systems:

    http://hypertextbook.com/chaos/21.shtml [Broken]
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