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Homework Help: Strange derivative i need help with

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    here we go.
    originally in root forum, like root under a root under a root etc... just dont know where to start with this one.

    f(x) = (x+(x+(x+(x+1)^.5)^.5)^.5)^.5)
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    You know the chain rule, right?....Now is the time to have lots of fun with it!
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    Doc Al

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    chain rule

    Just keep applying the chain rule... over and over and over. Keep peeling back each layer until you reach the end:
    f(x) = (x + g(x))^.5
    f'(x) = .5(x + g(x))^(-.5) (1 + g'(x))
    .... etc...
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    That sucks. LOL.
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