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Strange integral

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    Hi, i was working with my teacher, and i discovered the continous differential of x!gives x!,also the continous integral to infinity of x! gives x!.how true is this ,also i wanted to know if the last number ever is going to be odd or even ,because from my point of view the ranges of all numbers is between 0-9since 0 is even and 9,the last is odd,then the last number in this world should be odd. Pls do not ignore this like you always do i need this urgently.
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    There's no such thing as the integral of [itex] x! [/itex].However,Gamma-Euler can be integrated under certain conditions on domains from [itex] \mathbb{C} [/itex].

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    Why are people trying to differentiate or integrate x! lately? Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're talking about the usual extension of x! to the reals, namely the Gamma function, what you've written looks like nonsense. Gamma is not it's own derivative.

    There is no "last number". Given any real number x, there is a larger one x+1, so how can there be a "last" one?
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