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Strange lights

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    Do you think this is an effect of the night scopes? or is there some other phenominon going on here. I give the video 100% credability, as it seems several observers see the same thing... what are they seeing. Seems the brightest is over the biggest city.

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    Could be a streak from a satellite optical communications array. This has been experimented before, a communication link with satellites by sending large amounts of data via an infrared laser.

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    I would put that down to an atmospheric phenomenon similar to a sundog http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k69/watertiger/450WEATHER_SUN_DOG_WHSE101_55819002.jpg" [Broken] and you'll see all sorts of atmo phenomena.
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    "Its probably the haze off mars."


    The optical satellite theory does seem the most likely. But if it was a secret millitary project it could be pretty much anything.
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