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Strange Magnets

  1. Sep 7, 2006 #1
    Hi all !

    I've looked at a strange video on the net of an obscure compagnie
    that pretend to create electricity (5 times more energy than it consume).
    This video was very entertaining, I laughed a lot. But, there was
    something special that intrigate me.....
    The pseudo-scientist take a permanent cylindrical magnet, and droped
    it in a copper(?) tube. The magnet then falls of course, but at a very very
    low speed.

    First I could not explain that, but it is simply due to the moving magnet
    that generate Foucault current in the copper.....

    Morality, do impresive experiments to a non-scientific audience, try to
    make them believe you can offer them free power, electricity and so on,
    but you can't because of a lack of money and because of the politicians
    and big compagnies...... and you'll be a big..... swindler !!!!

    --> http://www.placeunique.com/projet.html [Broken]
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    I remember that experiment being performed at an open day quite a few years back when I was applying to universities. They certainly didn't claim it was producing energy from nowhere :D.
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    Eddy currents in the copper pipe slow the magent's fall. However I am not so sure about the free energy.
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