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Strange mobile phone

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    I have a mobile that i only keep for emergencies, the strange thing is, it will not turn on after a recharge, i have to take the battery out and and put it back in, then it works fine
    any ideas why this happens?
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    not sure, but i have a similar problem with my laptop computer. as long as the charger is plugged in, it's fine. if the charger becomes unplugged, it's still fine. plug the charger back in with the computer running, and the darn thing locks up. i suspect the ground on the charger may be floating up and the difference in potentials causes an error when you plug them back together, but it's just a guess.

    you could play around with different scenarios like turning the phone off before you plug it into the charger, then back on after or before you unplug it.
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    Perhaps a call or email to them might help. Sometimes there are specific OEM forums on the net which can be very assistive if they have a website.
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