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Homework Help: Strange radioactivity question. fast!

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    Strange radioactivity question. plz help fast!

    well, this is a strange question that i have to do a presentation on. I thought it would be easy but i cant find any information after looking through 2 major physics books and searching online. I even asked a tutor about this and still couldnt get any equations i could use. Plz dont bash me if this is the wrong forum. Just direct me to the right one then. This is the problem:
    Radioactive Emission Ranges: For a 35 becquerel (Bq) source of alpha radiation, calculate the rate of particles arriving at a 5.0x10^-4m^2 detector located 20.0 cm, 50.0 cm, 100.0cm, and 130 cm from the source. Repeat the calculations for the same detector at the same positions for a 48 Bq source, a 125 Bq source, and a 1753 Bq source.

    Tabulate and graph your results on a detection rate (Bq) versus distance (cm) graph, with source activity(Bq) as an extra parameter.

    Just need an equation or equations to solve this. You don't have to solve it. Im not tryin to cheat, i just need to know where to even start with this thing. I cant find any equation that includes distance along with detection rate and area. Both books dont have anything. Am i suppose to use several equations together or wat? If anyone has any idea how this is done, plz help me.
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    o btw, i just read the sticky warning, and i just wanna be sure u ppl know that im not telling you to solve this for me. I just need to know the equations involved and maybe some steps involved to solve this.
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