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Strange Rumbling Sounds

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    Hi,I'm new here,so forgive me if I don't follow protocol correctly.

    I have been following reports across the world of strange rumbling sounds coming from the sky.
    Some last just minutes,others many hours.
    Most reports that I am looking into deal with a mechanical thumping,humming sound not associated with any earthquakes,plane engines,or any other sources.

    Things I am looking into are fracking locations and possible atmospheric conditions causing some sort of sound propagation.

    Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you in advance.
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    How about thunder?

    If you want us to have anything to say about this, you will have to point us to the reports you are reading.
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    You really havn't given us much to go on. Strange rumbling sounds could have a thousand different sources.
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    My tummy. Around noon.
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    I apologize for not providing a link.

    Here is one that a friend is compiling that is a list of such sounds.
    And,no it's not thunder.

    And here.
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    Ah. I see.

    How are these reports being gathered? How do you know these people?

    And how do you know it's not thunder? Wait, a more well-formed question: how do you rule out thunder as a reasonable explanation for some of these anecdotal accounts? It is certainly the most plausible explanation for some of them.
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    Sorry, but we don't allow links to crackpot sites.
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