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Strange sounds wth?

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    Idk if this has been posted on PF, i've tried to search it so I don't make a mistake on posting a repeated thread, nothing came up.

    Well anyway, weird sounds have begun to sound beginning of 2012? What do you guys think it could be? Opinion wise?

    here are the vids:


    Canada,This one is very eerie

    Czech Republic

    Costa Rica

    Chicago USA


    Denmark last summer

    opinions? thoughts?

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    doesn't sound that strange to me, feels artificial, never really experienced any of it myself
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    It's Gideon's trumpet.
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    Excellent link, of particular importance
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    I am firmly of the opinion that all the noises are hoaxes, since I have not heard the noises myself, nor have there been any credible reports of numbers of people simultaneously hearing the noises. It is always a case of one or two videographers, and no independent witnesses.

    However, I ran across the first remotely semi-plausible explanation of what - in a speculative way - might explain such noises if they were to actually exist: http://geochangemag.org/index.php?o...d-by-scientists-&catid=1:global-news&Itemid=9

    I am ceaselessly amused at the willingness of mischievous people to test the credulity of their fellow man.

    Respectfully submitted,
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    Watching the one from the Czech Republic makes me think that some of them are real but have good explanations because I could easily make one like the Czech Republic vid where I live. My house is on the edge of a town that borders a series of hills and forests and from various windows of my house you can see this. Behind the most immediate hill though and hidden by the trees is a large quarry that occasionally has a lot of different activity going on at once, the echoes and noises can make it sound a lot closer and more sinister than it actually is.

    All I would have to do is wait for the quarry to have a busy day then wave a camera back and forth over the hill and forest. For someone who doesn't know the area it would seem like from nowhere very loud metallic scrapping sounds and roars were being produced.
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    I am waiting for an explanation to this. From what I understand, there WAS one 1.5 mag earthquake recorded, but the sound occurs multiple times each night, in a very localized area, and is still happening. You cannot detect a 1.5 magnitude earthquake without instrumentation, and even large earthquakes do not make a sound like this. The town seems to be more annoyed that concerned at this point, it will be interesting to see what the cause is.
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    I occassionally worked on sound-synthesis as an hobbist, so please don't take my word as the "word from the expert". However all these sounds strongly remind me of the effect of an exagerate artificial time-stretching applied to some ordinary digitally sampled sound.

    You can take a look at this video to hear an example of an extreme time-stretching applied to a sampled human voice.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but as a possible debunking strategy, it would be interesting to apply the "reverse" transformation to these eerie sounds, and see if something familiar comes out of it :)

    ...just my 5 cents...

    To this, I could also add my very subjective impression that the quality of these eerie sounds does not feel consistent with respect to the recording capabilities of consumer camera microphones, especially in the low frequencies.
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