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Strange star puzzles astronomers: BBC

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Cool ! :smile: The aliens on the 3rd rock from it see
    an egg in the sky...
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    Will the equatorial radius keep on increasing? Will it become flatter and flatter ?
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    Angular momentum

    Since it bulges as it rotates, its angular momentum should decrease. So its rate of rotation would decrease too. But if its rotation slows down, its bulge would also decrease and its spin would increase again! So its rotation speed is irregular.

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    Re: Angular momentum

    Since it's rotating fast, I think it takes quite long to slow down to the extent that gravitational force outweights the centrifugal effect.

    Energy = 0.5Iw^2=0.5(Iw)w (I:moment of inertia ; w:angular velocity)
    As w decrease, there is loss in KE. Where does the loss in KE go to?(gravitational wave?)
    When gravitation outweights centrifugal force, w increase, where does the energy come from?
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