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Stratified manifolds

  1. Mar 29, 2004 #1
    hi, i encountered this term in julian barbour webpage and i will like it if someone can tell me more about them?
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    Is a differentiable 2-manifold with singularities that are also differentiable manifolds themselves

    Perhaps there's some relationship with the objects known as stratified vector bundles? Sorry, I'm not an expert
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    I couldn't find this term on barbour's site or by googling. But knowing what he works on, by a "stratified" space he may have meant what is more commonly referred to as a "foliated" space, which roughly speaking is a space that has been expressed as a union of disjoint hypersurfaces, very much like a salami as a union of slices. In the context of the physics of spacetime, these hypersurfaces represent surfaces of simulteneity, with different observer's seeing the universe as being sliced up - foliated - in different ways. If this turns out not to be what he meant by "stratified", never mind. :smile:
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    quote:"Second, the approach based on a 3D continuum and factoring out symmetries (which leads to consideration of stratified manifolds) really does seem to me to lead to a deep insight into the structure of relativity and gauge theory. "

    I like stratified spacetime.
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    On other hand, the (Fulton-MacPherson) stratification of configuration space is a very abstruse way to codify differential structure.
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    well let's see if we are speaking about the same page.
    i was reffering to this website:
    www.platonia.com in the link of ideas.

    it was briefly described (i think this website is more promoting his book than provide explanations about his ideas).
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