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Homework Help: Stratified Sample (Simple)

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    I'm just starting stats and we're working on just gathering population samples right now, and I'm a little confused on how to get a stratified sample.

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A club has 30 students and 10 faculty. (my book lists out the names of the students and the faculty so I can assign them numbers) The club can send four students and two faculty members to a convention. It decides to choose those who will go by random selection. Use Table B beginning at line 123 to choose a stratified random sample of four students and two faculty.
    (Table B is a random number table at the back of my book- I know how to use that)

    2. Relevant equations


    3. The attempt at a solution

    I've gotten the hang of using the random number table to pick a simple random sample; however, I don't understand how to do so for a stratified sample. Typically I would assign the group members numbers (in this case 00 to 29 or 01 to 30 for a group of 30), and then pick out the two digit numbers that fit in the desired sample from the random number table. When I have two groups though, and I need a certain number from each group, I don't know what the correct way of doing it is. Do I simply combine the student and faculty groups and number them 01 through 40 and keep picking until I get 4 students and 2 faculty, or is there a more correct way??
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    Could someone please help me?? Or maybe direct me to a source that could help? The assignment is due tomorrow.
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    I appreciate the link, but I already got it figured out and turned in. I don't understand what you mean by "nobody knows what a stratified sample is." It's one of the simplest statistical samples, I just didn't understand what method to use. Anyway, thanks again, problem resolved.
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    It is too specific for "Precalculus Mathematics". I never heard about it.
    If you do not get answer it can mean that either the people here do not understand or can not answer the question, or you did not show your attempt for the solution.

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