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Straws not working!

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    So I have this inside joke about how I like wasting my professors time by going to their office hours and asking them how a straw works (no, I haven't been kicked out of my grad program yet). For a second, it kind of perplexed me how a drinking straw worked. Instead of wasting my time thinking about it being apart of the instant gratification culture, i looked it up on wikipedia. Of course, the outside pressure acting on the liquid forces it down and then back up the straw when you lower the pressure in the straw by sucking on it. That made me think then... straws must not work in vacuum! Eh Eh?? That was my physics thought for the month.
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    FAR OUT man!!! I wonder how would a straw work in a black hole inside a wormhole between two stars spinning inside my head work monday.:bugeye:
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    Does it have coke or sprite in it?
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