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Streamer chamber

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    hi there, can someone tell me where can i get a good information for a Streamer Chamber particle detector, i'd tried googling and still cant find a good one for my assignment. thanks in advance :smile:
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    Do you mean a cloud chamber?
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    no its not a cloud chamber, i think streamer chamber is an improvement of a spark chamber.
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    Check out this paper.http://prola.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v25/i10/p635_1

    Try scholar.google.com with the search:
    "streamer chamber" detector
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    unfortunately that article you suggested are for sold :frown: and from the looks of it , it must be for an advanced student or a scientist, and im still an under gradute student right now :smile:,
    oh yes, i never knew that there was a scholar.google.com, it must be new , i think i'll search some more using this method, thanks :smile:
  7. May 19, 2009 #6

    I was a research assistant on this project by Gerald Eilenberg at the University of Washington Physics Department. The thesis paper fully outlined the design of the entire system including capacitive power supply used to place a high energy charge on the internal plates. Different inert and nobel gasses were used . And how high sensitivity photo dectectors were used to pulse the power supply and operate high speed 35mm cameras.

    If my memory is correct, ours was built inside a 10,000 gauss electromagnet.
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