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Streaming Time?

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    Hello, I am building a device that tests the maximum thrust of hobby rocket engines, and I need to know if there is any way to get "streaming time." Time that is recorded at certain intervals. Can someone give me a link?

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    Need a little more info in order to help. Do you mean you want to record the rocket's position as a function of time in order to calculate backwards to the acceleration?

    Keep in mind too that the acceleration of the rocket will change as its mass goes down as the rocket fuel burns off. If you are looking to test max thrust, that is probably best done in a fixed horizontal test fixture.
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    I did some searching on Ham Radio Telemetry for model rockets. Didn't find much. I do have a friend in KC that plays with model rocket telemetry. W0AFQ
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    Interesting angle -- I didn't think of that. I have some dirtbiking friends who can play back their rides on Google Earth maps of the terrain. Very, very cool. With a GPS receiver/recorder on a rocket, they should be able to play back some cool 3-D tracks over Google Earth pics....
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