Streamline or turbulent flow?

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    Hey guys how do you know when will a flow be turbulent or laminar?i came across a question asking whats the flow of the wind on the sail of a sailboat.i thought that since there is the sail to block the wind when the boat is surfing against the wind, the flow will be turbulent but the ans is laminar flow :confused: any help on how to determine the flow?
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    Usually one uses Reynold's number with appropriate characteristic data to determine if the flow is laminar or turbulent.

    If the flow was turbulent, the flow would not form a pressure differential across the sail. Aircraft wings/foils require laminar flow to generate lift. If the flow was turbulent, the low pressure area would not be stable.

    This might be of interest -

    Also -
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    wow thx man the links are great!really wonder where i got the stupid idea that the flow above the aerofoil is turbulent...haha
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