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Streams in physics?

  1. Sep 23, 2011 #1
    Streams in physics??

    I want to learn what different types of physics are out there

    In high school I learned
    • classical mechanics
    • electricity magnitism
    • light & optics
    • modern physics

    But what is high energy physics and which group of list above does it belong to??
    and is quantum mechanics related to quantum computers, quantum field theory, string theory, unified field theory???
    What is condensed matter physics????

    ....sorry I am just curious
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    Re: Streams in physics??

    Try a Google search on "physics subfields". Here's the first hit:

    http://physics.gmu.edu/old/department/program/subfields_of_physics.htm [Broken]

    Some of the other hits may also be useful.

    Also note the list of "units" of the American Physical Society:


    Each unit's web site has a brief description of the areas that it covers.
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